“Love Child” a documentary

The documentary, “Love Child”, directed and produced by Valerie Veatch and Dong Hyun Kim that was presented by The Korea Society at the New Museum, is definitely an eye-opener and a reminder to humanity that the digital world has evolved tremendously and evidently, to the extent of triggering possible danger to people.

By Keen Lee

After watching this film, there is no doubt that digital and technology have replaced the traditional businesses and personal engagements of today’s society, particularly in South Korea. In South Korea, people find a connection with others in the games they play. It seems that today’s world has become a “virtuality”, a virtual reality world in which we live in.

The 20-minute documentary is based on a young couple from South Korea who has been accused for negligence and manslaughter for the death of their child due to gaming. Gaming or being involved with any activity as such is the last thing I would do that would cost a life. South Korea’s culture is all about collective organization in groups, and online gaming is the best example of such group activities according to producer Dong Hyun Kim. Since gaming in groups satisfies the culture in South Korea, many young people and even some older generations have become addicted to gaming.

Throughout the film, “Love Child” raises many points of how digital and gaming consume the lives of many, resulting in behaviors one may have never imagined ten years ago. I think it is unfair to sacrifice a life for one to realize how much technology has taken a toll on people, but I hope that after watching this film, the audience will rethink about how they use technology to prevent a case like this from happening again.

After the film screening, Valerie Veatch and the panelists talked about how they had flew over to South Korea to research and interview with the couple and their grandmother, professors, gamers and professionals within the gaming industry to complete this 20-minute documentary. Veatch addressed many points for us to keep in mind about how to handle with digital and technology as they continue to develop in the coming years.

In New York City, I witness pedestrians using their smartphones when walking on the streets and taking the train every day. Based on this observation, it is safe to conclude that many cannot live without resorting to their smartphones or other digital devices at least once a day. Using digital devices in public areas and while in mobile can be dangerous in the sense that people are unaware of their surroundings and others around them. Technology may be deemed as hazardous to people’s safety.

I highly recommend everyone to watch “Love Child”, not to inform them of why technology should not be used but to inform them of the proper way and the appropriate time to use digital devices for both business and personal means. Overall, it seems bizarre to hear that a young couple lost their child because of gaming, but I hope that everyone has a deeper understanding of the ways digital and technology are used so they do not forget their priorities.

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