Leviathan Lab Short Film Initiative Screening

Left: Ariel Estrada (Founder/Executive Director) announcing the silent auction

The Leviathan Lab Short Film Initiative Screening took place on Friday, December 14th, from 8:30 PM to 11:55 PM at the Lincoln Center Walter Reade Theater on 165 West 65th Street.

This past summer, the Leviathan Lab Short Film Initiative produced three ten-minute long films that were performed by Leviathan Lab, which is a multi-platform creative studio led by Asian American artists.

Artistic director Nelson Eusebio with Kurt Uy, Director of Film Lab

The production features direction by Rodney To (of FX Channel’s WILFRED), screenwriter Susan Soon He Stanton (TAKARAZUKA!!! Off-Broadway debut), and acting by Obie-award winner Jojo Gonzalez (THE ROMANCE OF MAGNO RUBIO, SMURFS THE MOVIE), and Paolo Montalban (named one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People, 1998).

Susan Soon Hee Stanton

The Leviathan Lab’s annual holiday party and silent auction was hosted before the screening started. The event held a by-donation cash bar sponsored by San Miguel Beer, and catering by Ihawan Restaurant. All proceeds from the cash bar and silent auction went towards supporting Leviathan’s 2013 season.

The three ten-minute long films were “Dispatched” by Susan Soon Hee Stanton, “Two Weeks” by Eileen Rivera, and “Yield” by Kurt Uy.

Yield by Kurt Uy:
Yield examines how families fight and uses Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a metaphor for the push and pull of fighting with someone you love and how sometimes we can’t just meet force with force, that the best way to “win” is to yield.

Yield by Kurt Uy

Two Weeks by Eileen Rivera:
Tina’s playing Alice in Wonderland in the school play. But when tragedy strikes at home, how far down the rabbit hole will she go?

Eileen Rivera (Director of Social Media)

Dispatched by Susan Soon Hee Stanton:
When Al meets Olivia, it’s love at first sight. The only problem is, she’s in cardiac arrest and he’s supposed to be saving her life.

Dispatched by Susan Soon Hee Stanton

For more, please visit http://www.leviathanlab.com

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Nelson T. Eusebio III (Artistic Director)

leviathanlab silent auction

AsianInNY supported the leviathanlab silent auction

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