Inside Amato: A Peek Into Future One

Article by Luis Vazquez

The Victory Theatre was well chosen. It reflected a private group of people, large in number, larger in the combined affection shown to a man who put his heart and soul into capturing the essence of designer Furne One in the twenty five minute documentary “Inside Amato”.

The director, Rocco Leo Gaglioti, who has quite a history of documenting the world of fashion, particularly as Producer of “Fashion News Live.” He shared his thoughts this evening before allowing an exclusive viewing of his film. “I’m showing the fashion world this film,” Rocco shared before the viewing, “Furne One has never opened up to anyone. My objective was to show, through the documentary, the journey in which he brings us to create his collection.”

Furne One, now 38, has been a fashion dynamo since winning the 1994 Mega Magazine Young Designer’s Competition a 17. Now living in Dubai, Furne has dressed the rich and celebrity alike. When your hands produce the stitched and beaded gowns worn by Beyonce, Katie Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira, just to name a few, you can reside in a middle eastern city synonymous with wealth.

The film was presented by Art Heart Fashion and it went straight to the nuts and bolts, or the hair and makeup in this case, showing that ultimately it’s the subtle things that only he can see that sets him apart.

In the beginning Furne introducing himself, takes us from the conception stage showing how he decides on fabrics yet understanding that he has to compromise in one area, client vision. “Celebrities have their own concept, you have to follow their concept and they have to approve it,” Furne explains, “We have to Brainstorm together, see the stage lights, the setting, that establishes the story.”

The documentary covers a runway show in Dubai so for Fure there is a different kind of pressure. The long, blond, wavy hair frames a face that shows the inner stress and worry and how any detail, no matter how minute, demonstrates the fragilty of the fashion show.
Its in the details where Furne excells. An interesting reinforcement of his instincts is that no woman works on his Haute Couture designs, a rarety. To him, sex is not the key, but the person within who has the vision. “Inspiration comes from everywhere,” Furne describes the process.

Furne moniters everything from hair, the fitting, the walk, a director as well as designer. An entertaining moment highlighted is a model that is supposed to give the image of Victorian dress. However he sees a bad hybrid. “She looks like a Geisha or Anime. Anime merts Victorian.” The problems get harder as makeup and accessories for the models are not complete as well as the runway itself. Again, its all in the details, and the calm yet authoriative sense allows for each obstacle to be conquered.

He is also seen working with the DJ. “I like romantic music with modern music of today.” Furne responds to the question of music in fashion, “Music is very important. I want people to be in my world and when they leave they will remember.” There will be no spoilers here as far as how it ends but this documentary brings a humanity to the fashion industry. Style is everything but human men and women still make it happen. Furne One is shown to have his flaws like anyone else. Yet his way of dealing with people and his personality shows the flexibility and the stubbornness in which a designer must possess equally. Its no wonder that the celebrity world falls not only in love with his designs but in the man himself.

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