Film Review: Women Who Flirt

Article by Monica (Yimeng) Geng

Movie “Women Who Flirt” (撒嬌女人最好命) describes the story of a woman name Angie who has been in love with her best friend Marco for the longest time, but was constantly friend-zoned because of her boyish personality. After Marco started dating a very whiny and flirty Taiwanese girl, Angie was determined to change her personality for him and began taking lessons of how to become a flirty girl. The movie has a humorous overall tone with a subtle hint of cultural sarcasms as well as a satisfying amount of romance.

Despite subtly criticizing the winy and flirty nature of Taiwanese women, this movie also conveys the message that true love can’t be based on sweet words but on sincere action. At the beginning of the movie, Marco found flirty women extremely attractive and was completely controlled by his girlfriend. During that time, Angie still remained by his side as a caring and trustworthy friend. As time went on, Marco slowly realized his relationship was very exhausting and his girlfriend was just playing the dating game on him. He finally understood that Angie was the one truly loved him and the couple happily united at the end of the movie.

Although “Women Who Flirt” is created as a comical relief, it also makes the audience think about some controversies and problems in today’s dating world. It is believed that most male prefer females with extreme womanly features to ensure their masculinity. The social stereotype of men and women’s roles in relationships are negatively affecting many people’s social identity. As a result, women such as Angie cannot be themselves and are forced to change their personalities because of social stigma. This type of problem directly links to the positioning and character of women and promotes superficiality. Thus “Women Who Flirt” teaches the audience a social behavior lesson in a meaningful but also hilarious way.

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