Film Review: Veteran

By Tatiana Ho

The action/comedy movie titled Veteran is jam packed with martial arts as well as the occasional drama. When Metropolitan Police detective Seo Do Cheol, played by Hwang Jung-min, finds out his friend is in the hospital after meeting with a big corporation, he is immediately on the case. Throughout the movie Do Cheol’s thrill for violence is shown as he takes on corrupted company owners as well as cops. Do Cheol finds himself at a stand where the possibility of his family and friends could be harmed if his investigation continues with this crooked company.

Within the film Detective Seo Do Cheol is forced to deal with spoiled multi-million company Director Jo Tae Oh. Tae Oh holds the usual narcissistic and psychotic tendencies seen in action films, meant to give their viewers chills. The film touches on just about any crime imaginable, which is recounted at the end of the film by the Detective. The challenges the police department face within the movie almost gives a sense of validity to the difficulty of getting a corrupt leader in prison, even though he has committed a mountain of crimes.

The comedy aspect holds a sort of old Jackie Chan film feel to it, as Detective Do Cheol fights his enemies using the surrounding areas to assist him. Do Cheol is also accompanied with his ‘team’, where members such as Miss Bong hold their own comedic entrances. Veteran makes sure to entertain its viewers with dialogues between criminal and police officers such as, “Stop following me, I am getting tired”. The film also presents a light atmosphere through the music selected, a mix of eighties pop hits and over dramatic action music.

The action packed movie opened in the United States on September 25, making over a million dollars just two weeks later. The entertaining movie trailer can be seen on:

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