Film Review: The Father’s Love

By Kevin Young

The Father’s Love, directed by Sharon Kon, is a dramatic film that tells the tale of Sarah (Angela Lin) finding her identify and learning to forgive. Life threw challenging obstacles at the protagonist yet was she able to overcome them?

Sarah an aspiring filmmaker loves her new life in New York City. She enjoys having the opportunity to hop on the subway or take a yellow cab to dine and drink with her best friends Tricia (Raushanah Simmons) and Evens (Jordon Turchin).

After attending a local party with her friends she meets the mysterious suave bachelor, Reece (Erik Mckay). Initially suspicious of his playful intentions, Sarah agrees to grab a cup of coffee with Reece. She falls in love with him after finding out how much he loves the Malaysian culture which is her ethnic background.

They begin to date and he continuously sweeps her off of her feet by planning out an exquisite picnic, gifting her with an expensive traditional Malaysian dress, and giving her a Malaysian fish to keep as a pet. Reece is the perfect gentleman adhering to all of Sarah’s desires. Erik Mckay does a brilliant job of portraying every lady’s knight in shining armor.

The film starts at a sluggish pace yet immensely picks up momentum as Reece woos Sarah. Unfortunately nothing is ever as perfect as it seems. Sarah is thrown into this relationship falling head over heels for this suspicious worldly man. Turbulence entangles this courtship as the protagonist is forced to make a far-fetched decision. Viewers will get to see how Sarah deals with combating her emotions and if she is able to make this relationship work.

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