Film Review: Steve Chong Finds Out That Suicide Is A Bad Idea

Lesley Chin, Stanley Wong, Tayo Redondo

By Michelle Xia

Unlike the average person who hangs pictures and paintings on their bedroom wall, Steve Chong plasters his walls with index cards filled with details of his mistakes in life. Putting any mistakes he made, no matter how miniscule, like failing at making eggs, or major, like getting fired as a sushi chef, he posts it in front of him as a constant reminder of his failures. In the comedic movie directed by Charlie Lavoy, “Steve Chong Finds Out That Suicide Is A Bad Idea”, Steve Chong is in a search to find a reason to live.

Unsatisfied with his life, Steve Chong sits in his bedroom hesitantly playing with a handheld gun staring at his walls. He calls up his three closest friends to a weekend gathering at a lake house. Little did Tom, John, and Chris know that this trip was more than just two nights of debauchery and intoxication, but for Steve to make a life decision.

Four friends travel to the lake house for the weekend to overindulge in alcohol, go on a boat ride, and partake in other carefree, college-like activities. In the midst of the wild and repulsive environment, Steve slips word of his suicide, something he has never shared with anyone before. This happens all through a game of Kings, a drinking game. This trip slowly turns chaotic. Chong’s overly paranoid and worried friends decide to take major precaution by discarding all sharp tools and putting marshmallows on dangerous parts of furniture. They even put a halt to the lady drama between Tom and Chris, for the sake of a friend.

Although the attempts to prevent Steve was drastic and quite honestly, absurd, John, Tom, and Chris meant the best for Steve. With the company of his friends, Steve found a reason to look beyond the screw-ups on the index cards and attack life with a clean slate.

“Steve Chong Finds Out That Suicide Is A Bad Idea” was featured in the Asian American International Film Festival on August 2nd with special guest appearances by the cast after the screening. The audience was able to directly ask the actors, writers, directors, and producers the specifics of the movie. A bunch of New Orleans aspiring filmmakers gathered to make this production possible. Actor, editor, and writer Stanley Wong explained that the story was a fusion of the collective equipment they had and personal experiences. This allowed the production to be under their budget.

The unique spin on a severe subject and the ridiculous moments shown with friends made “Steve Chong Finds Out That Suicide Is A Bad Idea” is a crowd pleaser. Asian Cinevision awarded this film with the Audience Choice Award in the 36th Asian American International Film Festival.

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