Film Review: Sold

Niyar Saikia

Article By Joy Chiang Ling
Photo by Niko

Directed by American filmmaker Joseph D. Brown, Sold is a movie adaptation of Patricia McCormick’s novel with the same name. It is about a 13-year-old girl named Lakshmi (Niyar Saikia) who lives in an impoverished village in Nepal. After her family loses what little they had to a monsoon, Lakshmi’s stepfather introduces her to a woman, who takes her away to India where she is forced to work in a brothel. Sold is about the heartbreaking journey of a girl, and many others like her who are trafficked and abused. Sold the movie is chosen as Opening Film for Asian American International Film Festival.

Joseph D. Brown, Jane Charles

Audiences have described Sold as an uncomfortable but eye-opening experience. There are many disturbing scenes containing rape and abuse that may cause viewers to squirm in their seats or cover their eyes. However, these disturbing scenes serve a purpose – they expose the wickedness of human trafficking and bring light to a worldwide situation that is often overlooked by ordinary people.

Patricia McCormick

What makes this film especially poignant is its use of child actors. The children are often shown enjoying the simple pleasures of life – such as brushing hair and playing games. This innocence is contrasted with the more adult themes that are prevalent throughout the movie, which forces viewers to question morality and humanity.

Seirah Royin

Because of this, Sold is captivating. It allows viewers to empathize with people like the characters in the film and learn more about the real world problems that inspired it. This movie, however, does not seek to “entertain” in the traditional sense of the word. It does not elicit good feelings, but it is enlightening and brings about disturbing truths. Sold is a film that should be watched by everyone.

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