Film Review: Mojin: The Lost Legend

By Tatiana Ho

Starring popular actors such as starring Shu Qi, Chen Kun, Angelababy, Haung Bo, and Xia Yu, the action packed film, directed by Wuershan, explores the lives of three treasure hunters called the Mojin Xiaowe. After losing an artifact, the three tomb raiders end up in the United States searching for work. Set in 1989, the film tells a story of adventure and ambition. After an offer is propped that they cannot refuse, the three comrades set out on a hunt for the Equinox flower, said to be the border between Yin and Yang. Battling the border between life and death leaves many encounters with the supernatural world.

Mojin- The Lost Legend is filmed with dramatic music and pristine animation. Filmed with dark and light backgrounds, the movie sets a tone of seriousness that is carried out well throughout the movie while also having a balance of humor. The film presents clips from the grave robbers origins, which are narrated by one of the three grave robbers Hu Bayi, adding substance to the otherwise one-dimensional characters. The past scenes of the raiders correlates directly with the present day, allowing viewers to follow along smoothly with the storyline.

All in all, Mojin- The Lost Legend is a movie that is entertaining for all ages. Presenting a well conducted animation sequence representing the supernatural and entertaining fight scenes, the movie stands as a combination of American movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and The Mummy. Teens and Adults alike will appreciate the adventurous group as they embark on a quest to find the Equinox flower.

Mojin- The Lost Legend will appear in theaters on December 18th. For more information on the films go to The film can be seen in both IMAX and in 3D in big cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Toronto and many more.

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