Film Review: Love at First Fight

Article By Julissa Soriano

Love at First Fight is a film about a young couple who fall in love with each other in a forest in the Landes region of France. The main characters Arnaud and Madeleine live in a French coastal town. The name “Love at First Fight” comes from the scene where Arnaud and his friends go to the beach and sign him up for a wrestling match. When Arnaud noticed that his opponent was a woman he quickly refused, but ended up fighting her anyway because his friends began criticizing him of being scared. Arnaud almost instantly surrendered to Madeleine’s by biting her arm while sinking in the sand under her forearm.

Arnaud worked as a woodworker. His client happened to be Madeleine’s parents. Arnaud was building an outside hut alongside the pool area when he reunited with Madeleine, as she swam laps in the pool. Madeleine’s character focused on the preparation of an apocalypse and was determined to train at a boot camp in order to learn survival skills.

Throughout the entire movie Madeleine played an outspoken character who was tough externally and internally. Madeleine fought to be the best at everything she did. Whether it was an outdoor obstacle course, or building outdoor traps. Madeleine was not afraid to head bud a guy at boot camp who challenged her in a game of paintball.

Arnaud became so fascinated with Madeleine, he decided to join the two-week boot camp she enrolled in. Throughout the training Arnaud became the leader of the pack while Madeleine struggled to keep up with the rest of the group. Madeleine wanted to follow her own rules and do things her own way. During group activities instead of working as a team, she pushed herself to rely on her own knowledge and strength. Madeleine’s would often become frustrated with tasks, while Arnaud was a calm and intellectual problem solver.

Arnaud and Madeleine’s different characters drew them closer. Both characters struggled fitting into their worlds, so they created a new world by quitting the boot camp training and practicing their survival skills alone in the forest together.

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