Film Review: How To Fight in Six-Inch Heels

By Joy Chiang Ling

How To Fight in Six-Inch Heels stars Vietnamese-American actress, writer and producer, Kathy Uyen as the talented but neurotic fashion designer, Anne. Anne lives by a “3×2” master plan that includes specific deadlines for her road to success: 2 years to achieve her dream career, 2 years to get married, and 2 years to start a family. Anne seems to have it all. She works under a world-renowned fashion designer, is engaged to a handsome Vietnamese man that can cook, and is well on her way to starting a family. However, her life changes unexpectedly when her fiancé, Kiet (Petey Majik Nguyen), accepts a promotion that requires him to move to Vietnam for three months. When Anne suspects him of cheating, she takes it upon herself to fly to Vietnam and find out which of three Vietnamese fashion models is having an affair with her husband-to-be.

How To Fight in Six-Inch Heels is a surprising mix of Western and Eastern cinema. Kathy Uyen, who speaks fluent Vietnamese and English, transitions perfectly between her two roles as “Vietnamese Anne” and “American Anne.” She delivers an incredibly amusing performance and manages to capture the hearts of viewers with her over-the-top antics. Ms. Uyen is clearly the star of the show, with Don Nguyen, who plays as her homosexual, Vietnamese fashion friend Danny, coming to a close second. Other honorable mentions include Sigmund Watkins, Anne’s American coworker and best friend, YaYa Truong Hi, who plays the happy-go-lucky model Mimi, and Petey Majik Nguyen, who plays Anne’s fiancé, Kiet.

This unique Vietnamese-American comedy will surely make audiences laugh. It is a lighthearted film with a few touching moments that will gives its viewers insight into what life is like for fashionistas on the other side of the globe. Its writing and cinematographic style is more akin to Western cinema and will likely draw large crowds. Hopefully, How To Fight in Six-Inch Heels will help bridge a gap between Eastern and Western cinema.

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