Film Review: Grace by Apinya Sakuljaroensuk

Article by Joy Ling
Photo by Xue Liang

Thai thriller Grace is intense, bloody and spine chilling. Directed by Pun Homchuen and Onusa Donsawai, it stars Apinya Sakuljaroensuk as Grace, an Internet-famous cosplayer who envies Care (Napasasi Surawan) and Ple (Latthgarmon Pinrojnkeerathi), a pair of best friends who are popular on Facebook. Together with her otaku sidekick Jack (Nutthasit Kotimanuswanich), Grace kidnaps and tortures the objects of her envy, and shares their plights on social media.

Grace attempts to highlight the dangers of Internet stardom and cyber-bullying by frightening viewers with extreme violence and gore. Sakuljaroensuk plays her psychotic killer role well, but her backstory is poorly explained through intermittent flashbacks that describe her tortured past. While Grace is a complex and intriguing character, the film would probably benefit by focusing on the more innocent heroine Care.

Even though Grace seems to indulge a little too much on sex and violence, it effectively communicates a cautionary message. Cyber-bullying is a modern phenomenon that affects many young people all over the world. Such a demographic will find this film entertaining, and might also relate with some of the characters and their situations. One thing is also likely: it will induce its viewers to be more careful with what they share online.

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