Film Review: Golden Chickensss with Sandra Ng

By Joy Chiang Ling

Golden Chicken 3, written and directed by Matt Chow, is the successor of two other films, Golden Chicken and Golden Chicken 2, which all feature actress Sandra Ng as Kam, a motherly prostitute with fake G-cup breasts. In Golden Chickens 3, Kam is back with her entourage of whores, who engage in many peculiar activities, and even take a trip to Tokyo to learn how to give blowjobs and pleasure men in a moving train.

The film pokes fun at a variety of taboo topics and portrays “the world’s oldest profession” in a light-hearted manner. The prostitution scenes are cartoony and never graphically explicit, which makes the film’s humor both bizarre and amusing. Though the film seems to condone the sex trade, it also offers a counterpoint by implicitly communicating a simple lesson: love cannot be bought with money. This is apparent through Kam’s romantic relationship with Brother Gordon (Nick Cheung), an old friend who owes her money. Kam, saddened by the extent to which Brother Gordon has tried to make back the money he owes, ultimately forgives his debt and decides that his love is more important to her than the money.

Although Golden Chicken 3 tells a story unrelated to its predecessor’s, some details may be confusing to beginner viewers. Kam and Gordon’s history is a little difficult to understand due to the lack of information we were given. Apparently there was a legal dispute, which Kam helped pay for, but the legal dispute was never further explained. Details like this would probably make sense to a viewer who had watched Golden Chicken and Golden Chicken 2, but otherwise confuses people who had never watched the previous two movies.

Despite its flaws, Golden Chicken 3 is a carefree comedy that will likely amuse a wide variety of people. One does not need to be a progressive liberal in order to understand its taboo topics – it will please no matter the person’s attitudes towards prostitution and sex.

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