Film Review: Futureless Things

Article by Kevin Young

Futureless Things is a whimsical film filled with bizarre situations and black humor. Instead of being a film with a consecutive plot from start to finish, this film could pass for being a series of various short films. The stories of very distinct convenience store employees are displayed during their shifts. The film takes place entirely in the convenience store. For people who work part-time at convenience stores perhaps the customers that walk in and the absurd situations that they bring will be relatable.

The sequence of scenes are all standalone stories and usually do not relate to the past scene at all. The opening scene is an employee arriving late for work to train the new employee. They befriend each other and it is revealed that both are gay. The new male trainee is enlisting for the army and has asked his boyfriend who is scheduled to work after him to await his return. While the female employee has recently broken up with her girlfriend who is another employee.

The next scene involves an employee from North Korea who has to deal with an obnoxious bum who ridicules her for being North Korean. The following scene includes the next employee a young teenager who is seduced by a beautiful woman to hold a supernatural box for her. The next scene humorously involves an employee listening to a tape recording to teach himself English.

Eventually the dark humor and supernatural elements incorporated throughout the film lead up to the dramatic climax that will leave audiences shocked.

Whether it’s the banter between the customers and the employees or the intriguing backstories of each employee this is an odd movie that keeps viewers entertained. Despite being lost while watching the film it may not make sense to you by the end but it will surely be one of these films you will never forget.

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