Film Review: Awesome Asian Bad Guys

By Kevin Young

Awesome Asian Bad Guys, directed by the partnership of Patrick Epino and Stephen Dypiangco is a wild, farcical, frivolous action film that raises awareness of and mocks the idea of type casting Asian-Americans in movies. The film style combines elements of SNL and the mockumentary genre to deliver an unforgettable and whimsical joyride.

The film states that although Asian Americans are given roles in many Hollywood films they always play the same minor characters; The martial arts villain, the gangster, the evil henchman, the protagonist and so forth. In addition to playing these heinous roles, these characters often die gruesome deaths within 2 minutes of their appearances on screen.

The film introduces the idea that many of the actors in this film have worked in over 40 blockbuster hits. Patrick and Stephen, alongside Dante Basco, Tamlyn Tomita, Randall Park, George Cheung, Aaron Takahashi and other Asian-American actors who predominantly play villains in movies star as themselves. The film even includes special cameos from Asian-American Youtube stars.

Patrick and Stephen are leisurely going about their day until they are abruptly approached by Tamlyn who seeks vengeance for Pamlyn, her twin sister’s death. Tamyln informs the ill-fated duo of Aaron’s vile ways for assassinating Pamlyn and of his mob of henchman who oblige to his bidding. In return for avenging Pamlyn’s death, Tamlyn will reward the duo $200 dollars.

Intrigued by earning $100 each the duo seek out assistance from their favorite Asian American “Bad Guys.” They assemble a team of “legends,” who all are skilled in martial arts and playing villainous roles. They humorous learn that Al Leong is immortal as he often gets fatally injured yet miraculous survives unscathed from having his neck cut open to having arrows relentlessly fired at him.

After assembling the equivocal team of Leong, Park, Cheung’s daughter Jet-Li, and Yuji Okumoto, the team trains in the ways of martial arts to be able to take down Takahashi, his right hand man Dante

Basco, and their dexterous ninja mafia. Yet The Awesome Asian Bad Guys’ efforts prove futile as they often fight and contradict one another.

Tamlyn later discovers Aaron’s diabolical plan, gathering all talented Asian-Americans at a fake casting call to kill them all in a bloody gore-fest, so he will be the only Asian-American entertainer left in the industry. While Tamlyn infuriates Aaron’s hideout, the rest of the team is left waiting for the moment to strike, yet they realized that it’s daylight savings day and have missed their planned out time by a whole hour. This massive miscommunication gets Tamlyn captured. In order for the Awesome Asian Bad Guys alliance to save Tamlyn and succeed in defeating Aaron they must first learn to be cordial towards one another.

Whether if it’s the trivial banter or the physical altercations experienced between the characters, this film will have viewers laughing during its whole duration. The film also succeeds in executing its concealed agenda by utilizing humor to communicate a message that Asian-Americans can relate to.

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