Dream Up Festival Features Upcoming Train/Stopped Cock/Untitled Waiting

Article by Yvonne Lo
Photo by Emily Cheng

Upcoming Train/Stopped Cock/Untitled Waiting, inspired by Waiting for Godot, through the eastern and Buddhist philosophy, this play will examine the absurdity of quotidian life as well as artistic life, and raise and unanswerable question: what are we anticipating for?

Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li

Written and directed by Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li, Upcoming Train/Stopped Clock/Untitled Waiting is a part of the 4th Dream Up Festival. The play is a manifesto of the ritual of waiting, presented by four characters in representation of the general public and artists.

The ritual, addressed upon life/death and reality/illusion, is shown by paronomasia within the conversation, by metatheatre, by the interaction among the animate beings (characters) and the inanimate beings (mannequins), and by the embodiment of the sufferings from the ritual itself to accent the timelessness of the action and the ridicule of the action itself.

Upcoming Train/Stopped Cock/Untitled Waiting attempts to enact the western classics through the embodiment of eastern philosophy. From Taiwan to China to Japan to United States, all artists contribute to bring in the eastern philosophical viewpoint to manifest the very essence of this play: other than waiting, will there be any other possibilities that we can manage to create?

90% of the production team consisted of Taiwanese artists. We are so happy to see so many Asian artists who are now involved with theater work and productions. Bravo!

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