Donnie Yen Ignites the Screen in a Return of Ip Man 3

By Erica Hui

The Ip Man 3 press screening was held on January 7th 2016. I felt really excited to watch the film when I heard that I had the chance to screen the movie before it was available at the theaters. Although I’ve never watched the previous movies, I knew that it wouldn’t disappoint me, especially after I learned that Mike Tyson was going to be in the movie.

Ip Man, living his low profile life, noticed that there were gangsters interrupting the peace of a school, the school where his son is enrolled at. After saving the school from all the disruption, he found out that Ma-King-Sang’s boss, Frank, was the one that wanted to buy the school. As a property developer, he hired Ma-King-Sang to get a hold of the school. After causing chaos in the school, Ip Man helped out the school by staying nearby the school so he can prevent chaos from happening again. As expected, the gangsters who work for Frank did not stop, and wanted to threaten Ipman for getting in the way of acquiring the school property.

On the other hand, the movie showed the relationship between Ip Man and his wife, Cheung Wing-Sing. Wing –Sing felt uncomfortable about Ip Man’s effort to protect the school because that meant that they wouldn’t have time to spend with each other. Later on the movie, Wing-Sing found out that she had cancer, but was hesitant to tell Ip Man because he was so busy protecting the school, as well as receiving compliments and gratitude from people of the neighborhood for protecting them. Later on, Wing-Sing told Ip Man that she had cancer, so Ip Man tried to keep her company no matter what. Ip Man even went out of his way to learn how to dance, which was what Wing-Sing always wanted to do with him.

Overall, the movie was breathtaking especially the action scenes, but I was also impressed by the morals that Ip Man lived by. What I don’t understand was the reason why Ip Man wanted to challenge Chung Tinchi, when he doesn’t care about how others see him. My most memorable scene was the fighting scene with Frank, also known as Mike Tyson. It was so intense and thrilling, especially when Frank broke the glass windows one by one try to attack Ip Man. The tense atmosphere showed how determined Ip Man was to take down Frank in order for Frank to stop trying to take the school property.

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