“A Wedding Invitation”: a Romantic Comedy

Article by William Kustiono
Edit by Linda Nguyen

A Wedding Invitation is a romantic-comedy directed by Oh Ki-hwan about a young couple who ended their relationship in order to pursue careers in two different cities. After five years, the young couple reunites and tries to rekindle their romance together, but not without a series of tests, troubles, and misunderstandings between them. This movie is created in the collaboration of China Film Group and CJ Entertainment.

The story begins with a young boy named LiXing (Eddie Peng) and his girlfriend QiaoQiao (Bai Baihe) breaking up in order to pursue their own ambitions. LiXing wants to become a master chef whereas QiaoQiao wants to be in industrial design. They made an agreement that if in five years they are both still single, they will get married to eachother. After the break up, they moved to different cities. Five years later, QiaoQiao gets a call and an invitation to LiXing’s engagement. Deep inside QiaoQiao’s heart, she still has feelings for LiXIng. So QiaoQiao decides to win back LiXing’s heart and convince him that she still loves him despite not seeing each other for five years. The movie is supported by two rising stars Zhou Rui (Pace Wu) and MaoMao (Jiang Jinfu).

A Wedding Invitation is amazing, LiXing and QiaoQiao characters captivates the audience’s heart and emotions. LiXing is a prodigy chef and has a serious goal in his mind. He is somewhat hot headed and impatient. QiaoQiao is characterized as a subtle lady but is materialistic and egoistic. She wants more from LiXing. A Wedding Invitation shows sides of a relationship that may or may not apply in the real world. The movie also showcases Chinese style houses and cuisine.

Overall, A Wedding Invitation showcases a battle of the sexes storyline between two lovers that will amuse the audiences. The movie is well presented and will attract young movie viewers especially in Asia. Eddie Peng and Bai Baihe have successfully portrayed the character’s emotions to the audiences. Although A Wedding Invitation shows some unrealistic portrayals of a modern relationship, the movie is quite entertaining as the storyline progresses.

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