A Dream of Red Pavilions

Article By Tatiana Ho
Photo Credit John Quincy Lee

“A Dream of Red Pavilions”, set in 18th century China, provides its audiences with a tale of reincarnation, destiny, family, and love. Centered around ill fated cousins, Bau Yu and Dai Yu, the play introduces itself as a classic story of destiny gone wrong. Although Bau Yu and Dai Yu’s love is definitely a plot within the play, it also touches on Buddhist and Confucian values when the family, once aristocratic, cannot seem to obtain the finances that come along with nobility.

Seen as one of the “Great Novels” in China, the book A Dream of Red Pavilions is widely used as a teaching requirement within the school system. It is considered a classic, being that it is one of China’s most read books. Although this tale is widely known within China, it is not known about within the United States; Playwright Jeremy Tiang is looking to change that.

Developing some of his works within the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and SOHO Theatre, it comes as no surprise that “A Dream of Red Pavilions” can easily be compared to Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, without the rival families.

For a night out on the town, or an adventure while visiting New York City, “A Dream of Red Pavilions” is a perfect play to get a taste of the Theatre. Although it’s not really a play for children, being there are no song or dance numbers, the play take viewers on a journey to a time filled with dazzling colored garbs and exotic scenery. “A Dream of Red Pavilions” can been seen between January 23rd to February 14th with times starting at 7:30 p.m. Tickets information can be seen on http://www.panasianrep.org/a_dream_of_red_pavilions.shtml.


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