“Lethal Hostage” with Actress Luodan Wang at 3rd New York Chinese Film Festival

Article By Judy Huang
Photo by Francis Latif

Following “Divergence” was the screening of Luodan Wang’s “Lethal Hostage” during 3rd New York Chinese Film Festival on Oct 20th at AMC Empire 25 theater. Mainland actress Luodan Wang attended the screening in a “little black dress.”

“Lethal Hostage” is a romance and crime movie that one must watch in its entirety to fully understand the story plot and the sequence of events. The movie is presented like a chapter book with a prologue and four chapters in it: The Dog, The Past, The Daughter and The Past.It jumps from time frame to time frame, leaving the audience to connect the dots. Coupled with a lack of dialogues, the audience must be patient and engaged in the acting and expressions of the roles to grasp the messages being communicated.

The story plot revolves around a drug dealer who falls in love with his hostage and decides to retire after one final deal. Sun Honglei plays the role of the druglord while Luodan Wang plays the role of his lover/hostage. In their struggle to obtain freedom, they must run away from the police, the drug carrier and win the blessing of the girl’s father.

Unlike Aaron, Luodan Wang was able to spend more time with her fans, taking time out to answer each question. During the press interview and audience Q&A, Luodan mentioned that she has a quiet side to her that is unbeknownst to many; hence “Lethal Hostage” was not overwhelming for her. She is currently studying at New York University and would like to explore more of New York City during her stay.

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