“Journey to Taiwan”, A Documentary Film by Malan Breton

Article By Jasmin Justo

“Journey to Taiwan” was recently nominated by the NYC International Film Festival for the best short subject documentary film. In celebration of its nomination, Malan Breton held its first premiere of “Journey to Taiwan”, inspired by Malan Breton’s recent Spring 2015 fashion collection. The recent fashion show provoked Malan Breton, to rediscover his inspiration by returning to his roots in Taiwan.

It had been six years since his last visited Taiwan and with the support of his fellow friends, he was able to produce a heartwarming film during his short stay at Taiwan. Produced by Bonnie Bien and directed by the designer himself, Malan Breton’s “Journey to Taiwan” is a vibrant film that gives an alternative perspective on the life of international fashion designer Malan Breton.

In the “Journey to Taiwan”, the designer himself gives a heartwarming tour of his childhood home. Through the film, the audience views the Taiwanese vibrant culture and natural beauty through his eyes and develops a better understanding of the emotional sentiment he has towards his country. The film also gives an in-depth understanding of his inspiration that he expresses through his exquisite fashion pieces of vibrant hues and designs. He credits his vision for fashion to his grandmother. His grandmother since he was little would create her own fashion wardrobe, using traditional Asian fabric to tailor into modern European silhouettes. It was from his grandmother that he learned the basics of fashion and was inspired to create his own designs and tailor his own outfits. In the film, he speaks of fond memories of the time he spent with his grandmother, visiting the Chiang Kai-Shek temple, the annual Lantern festival, and local tailor shops. He hopes his film honors his grandmother’s memory while rekindling his inspiration and revisiting his childhood.

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