Zang Toi Fall 2016 Collection

Article By Tatiana Ho
Photo by Shuo Chen

Zang Toi’s fall 2016 fashion line was a must have for any high class events. Presenting with both male and female models, Toi designed all of his outfits with elegance and class, wowing the crowd this his fine taste for design. Whether it be for business or pleasure, Toi knows how to dress his female models; the designer had them wear blazers and trousers in a way that don’t hide their femininity, but enhances it. With is line titled “House of Toi”, the royal presence of the name transfers onto every article of clothing.

With most of the designer pieces resembling a business field, Toi tackled female business outfits with astounding grace. Look 9 on the runway showed off the beauty of Handloomed wool in the finest of ways.

The female model was dressed in a Rayon Peak Lapel blazer, paired with a Handloomed wool turtleneck and a mixed fabric pant. On top of the blazer was a lamb mini shrug, making the outfit go from business meeting attire to high fashion with one simple garment.

Each outfit was paired with a signature hat that formed at the top to resemble cat ears. Most of the outfits were also paired with a black mink collar that was given the title “Saga Royal”. Toi did not only present outfits for the business side of life, he also made room for the nightlife; a perfect addition, especially for local New Yorkers.

One of his many models stunned the stage with a silk zipped turtleneck paired with a silk mini dress with studded leather. The model wore black tights and combat boots to complete to outfit, ready to take on any nightlife event.

Overall, Zang Toi used his Fall 2016 line to show that women can be sexy in tradition “male clothing”, and still shine in the workplace. It is a common connotation that business outfits cannot be fashionable. Toi crushes this allegation with is line of mostly women, making business seen fashionable in the best way. Each of the “House of Toi” outfits for the Fall 2016 collection.

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