Women and Fashion Filmfest 2015

By Tatiana Ho

The 2015 Woman and Fashion Filmfest joined together both fashionistas and aspiring women in business through it’s inspirational guest list of successful Women both in and out of fashion. Separated into seven segments the filmfest ,presented on November 14, aimed to inspire Women of all shapes and sizes to follow their dreams. The segments were collaboration of both films and talks, around the thriving business of media and fashion. Being the third annual Woman and Fashion Filmfest, models such as Trish Goff, Pat Cleveland, and Maye Musk shared what helped them make it in the fashion world, and what were the downsides and upsides of modeling. Other woman such as Wendy Ettinger (cofounder of Game Changers), Monica Elias (founder of Elias World Media), and Susan Margolin (President of Docurama) inspired woman on how to network and “become your own boss” in today’s day and age.

The event, which was hosted at Symphony Place, provided some insight by successful women that would normally would not be available to the public otherwise. Although the Woman’s and Fashion Filmfest was made to explain how to network, attendees actually got to partake in the advice given after talks were finished at the end of each session. This, in turn, provided opportunities for furthering one’s career by putting to use the given advice immediately.

The collection of the three films stuck closely with the events message. The first was a documentary on the Toronto beauty pageant, which hosted the first transgender contestant ever to compete for the Miss Canada crown. Although the first transgender contestant was a breakthrough in history, this was not all the movie centered on. The film allowed insight on the rigorous training contestants went through in order to showcase the flawless event seen on TV every year and what it took to be a contestant at a beauty pageant as this one. Second, was a movie titled “The Woman’s List” directed by Timothy Greenfield Sanders. With a collection of both actors and artists, and even a pilot, the movie was a series of interviews that answered the question, “how did you get to where you are today?”. Sanders used the movie to inspire a sense of going for your dreams and not taking no for an answer through the stories of others, creating a sense of empathy between the audience and seemingly unreachable celebrities. The last movie followed suit with the fashion theme, centering around fashion designer for Moschino Jeremy Scott. Although his designs may seem outlandish to some, the movie gives Scott a chance to explain the reasoning behind most of his designs as well as showing the person behind the poise designer.

The inspiring conference left the audiences with feel good emotions and uplifted hearts. The film fest was successful in their determination to inspire, re-creating a sense of attaining the unattainable in the hearts of each audience member. This inspiring conference was not only exclusive towards ticket buyers however, it can also be seen through video clips that were recorded during the conference on the Woman and Fashion Filmfest main website titled www.womenfashionfilm.com. The Woman and Fashion Filmfest is determined to inspire again next year for women around the world.

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