What to Wear for Christmas and New Year Made Easy

By Olga Scott

There is a lot of speculation I’ve heard about what are the definite fail-proof Christmas outfits. The truth is, there is no such thing – what is best in terms of an outfit is personal for everyone. It depends on the body shape, colour complexion, personal preferences of each and every one, and, importantly, where are you going to celebrate this Christmas and New Year. If it is a quiet one at home, you’d probably think of a simpler dress or a skirt/nice jumper match, while if it is your first time to visit your partner’s parents, you might consider slightly more festive outfit, involving a silk blouse or a jacket with some sparkle to it.

While it all is really individual, there are certain things to consider to make sure that, more or less dressed up, you still look like it is Christmas and the New Year you are celebrating. I would start with colours – there are certain ones that are more appropriate for Christmas. It is easy to find out which colours work best for Christmas and New Year – just take inspiration from colours of beautiful Christmas decorations! For one reasons or another, for hundreds of years exactly these colours were associated with winter’s festive season – so if you go for those, you will most certainly not get it wrong.

The shades of colours will be on the darker side, which works better for winter (apart from white or creams that look stunning in winter too!). Mixing and matching one strong colour (green, purple, navy, red, gold) with neutral colours (black, white, creams, silver, but consider that gold and silver do not look good together) works best – and it is also possible to add colour or sparkle with accessories. You can accessorise your favourite LBD up to Christmas standard easily by using stronger accessories of festive colours. As for fabrics, jacquard, silk, velvet, fine wool and cashmere will all look great, and faux fur (I would be hoping that for most real fur will not be an option) of a good quality can look very chic (and sexy!) too. Here are a few ideas below on colour combinations and outfits:

The good thing is that Christmas and the New Year are probably the only celebrations in a year where jumpers (but nice ones) are perfectly acceptable (but not Christmas jumpers of 80s unless it is a themed party!!!). Something else to consider is comfort – it is actually very important. However thin you are, Christmas is the time to eat and relax, and tight pencil dresses or corset tops may not be the best idea. Do make sure that fabric either stretches or has more relaxed cut, the heels are comfortable enough and not too high if you go for heels, and the skirt/dress is not too short – in the end, it is usually a close friends/family celebration, not a night out.

And last but not least – do remember it is one of the biggest celebrations in the year, so please do make an effort, even for those family photos. So, if you decide to play it simple with an outfit, do add festive accessories, and if you decide to stick to pyjamas for Christmas day at home, do go for beautiful printed silk ones!

In the end, Christmas and the New Year are there to relax and enjoy, and the outfit should not be preventing this, as well as make you feel good about yourself.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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