Vantan Tokyo Fashion Show in NY

President of Vantan Tokyo

By Merry Wu

After showing in Paris Fashion Week for three consecutive seasons, Vantan Tokyo debuted 4 different collections from students attending the Vantan Design Institute at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Vantan Design Institute is a school led by President Shunji Nagasawa that has remained committed to a particular philosophy for cultivating highly sensitive creators to become the next-generation leaders of creative industries: recruit only professionally active creators to teach fledgling creators.

By learning about today’s industries from active professional creators, your refined adaptability, facility for anticipating future trends and the passion reflected in your works will surely constitute significant personal assets.

Vantan has a high market share in fashion and media department. It has a new education method and an original creative development program, a great deal difference with traditional school. More than 160,000 graduates play their active part in the industry. This makes Vantan be regarded as “a recognized school” in Japan.

Students debut their collections in “Vantan Cutting Edge” competition in a rigorous screening process to get a chance to debut for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

The selected designers that were chosen are:

Anki Cheung Siu Yan (collection SWANZI by Anki) presenting a cutting edge mix of modern sportswear with vintage techniques.

Cheryl Chee presenting menswear inspired collection with chic tailored jackets and perfectly layered deconstructed pieces.

Yuya Kubohara presenting s graphic Jackson Pollock inspired collection for the city girl, utilizing a unqiue play with fabrics.

Masato Miyata (collection: mi_ _ _ s) presenting an edgy, architecturally inspired urban minimalism for the modern women.

During an interview with President Shunji Nagasawa of Vantan Design Institute, he said “ New York is the number one top stage in the world for Fashion and I am very proud to have Vantan Design Institute students show their work on this stage.”

When asked how he felt the American Fashion Industry compares to Japan’s he replied “In Japan, its fashion made for Japan. It’s mainly domestic. But when you’re in New York, you’re standing on a world stage and there are many more opportunities for expanding into world wide markets.”

As a last comment he said “I hope to continue coming to New York Fashion Week and I would like to continue to help out our students into becoming more professional and more world known fashion designers.”

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