By Merry Wu

On Monday September 17, Tiffany McCall showed her Spring/Summer 2013 collection called “Femme Bijoux” at Couture fashion week under her “Tiffany McCall Couture” brand.

The collection is inspired by precious jewels from around the world, luxury French lace and Italian silks. This collection is for the feminine delicate woman, who indulges in exotic high quality luxurious fabrics from Europe and avant-garde designs. It gives a romantic look and a soft feel to women.

Next, New York-based designer Laurel DeWitt showed her latest metal couture creations for her “LaureLuxe” brand.

DeWitt has a youthful creativity and craftiness that can only be described as fantastically bold. Her drive is to continuously evolve and push all boundaries. To her, metal knows no limits. She also believes in daring to be different.

DeWitt’s inspiration for her Spring/Summer 2013 Collection was drawn from Egyptian looks and jewelry. With that, she creates a fusion of modern looks with metal accessories and jewelry of the past bringing a sexy and exotic look to the design. Her jewelry is extravagant and intricate which balances out the simplicity of the design.

Lastly we have Colombian designer Jorge Afanador who has a background in industrial and interior design, fashion and arts. Creativity is the hallmark of his AFANADOR brand. In his designs fresh ideas are matched with raw materials, diversity of form and avant-garde concepts are mixed with art to bring an architectural element to clothing and jewelry with an environmental awareness.

For his spring/summer 2013 collection, AFANADOR presents an exquisite collection which brings the past into the future, featuring a mixture of textures and raw organic materials made with traditional techniques. With the use of small geometric shapes and materials, he brings a simple but elegant look to his designs.

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