Theatre Products FW17 Presentation

By Eder Guzman

On February 10th, 2017, Theater Products debuts for the first time outside of japan, as part of a unique partnership with Nakaden Keori and Japanese Fashion Week. Their creation puts forward the idea that “Fashion creates theatre wherever it goes”, and their style promotes high-grade fabric developed by Nakaden, a Japanese brand founded in 1960’s. Creative director Taeko B. Stein and art director Dejan Jovanovi helped set up the show, making creative use of red lights and doors as backdrops to highlight the fabric and contrasting colors.

The model on the left wears a reversible satin blouse and pants with original flower print. She holds a vanity case designed shoulder bag, along with acrylic manicure accessories and nail-tip barrette. On the right is a purple dress with recycled textile, with sunglasses hair clip and barrette.

Model on the left is wearing a satin-gabardine top and flare pants with rich rose color drapes. She is carrying a leather messenger bag with folding extension, and has lip color palette accessories, along with sunglasses hair clip and barrette. On the right, she wears a packable knit long dress in ivory. She carries a leather messenger bag with folding extension, as well as acrylic-manicure accessories. She’s also wearing sunglass hair clip and barrette.

On the right, she wears a puffy stretch jacquard dress with TP lingerie-bag design, along with lip color palette accessory and nail-tip barrette.
Lipstick accessory was done in collaboration with “BRING PROJECT” (a recycling project in Japan to aimed at the circular economy) and BANDAI bobby center plastic Model factory.

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