The House of Fashion Hong Kong in New York Fashion Week

Article By Tatiana Ho

February 12, 2016 marked an event for all fashionistas curious of fashion trends overseas. Presented on Varick Street, the HKTDC sponsored event allowed Hong Kong designers to shine their light on stage for all of New York to see! Presented at the show were designers Harrison Wong, Hidy Ng, and Polly Ho, showing off their Fall/Winter 2016 lines for the year.

Harrison Wong’s Fall/Winter 2016 designs took its inspiration from nature’s natural beauties. Using his designs to appeal to the “Urban Man”, Wong presents his line as a contemporary artist, giving him leniency when it comes to sticking to specific design patterns. The line, titled “Stone Lines”, presented it’s model in mostly white or black colors, showing the crisp contrast between each of his pieces. Focusing on minimalism, Wong the opportunity to design his clothing with gray lined rock patterned for jackets which were paired with long buttons and black ties. Each pattern ah a unique resemblance to stone, sticking to the theme and title of his work. Wong presented his work in the basic colors of black, white, blue, and brown.

The second designer Hidy Ng is well known in the fashion industry, being a proud recipient of the International Fashion Editors Best Collection Award in 1994 and the “Award for Creativity” for the New Fashion Award Show of 2002. Her line, titled “Unruly Luxuriance”, focuses on elegant women with buy levitra now boots extraordinary fashion choices. Pairing the stark colors black and white with gold gives the line a sense of the glamorous old Hollywood style when looking at the line. The line features oddly sewn tops along with contemporary bottom pieces.

Last the grace the stage was designer Polly Ho, who named her Fall/Winter 2016 line “Androgynous”. As expected by the title, the line was created in the fine line between what is considered masculine and feminine. Designed after the Chinese Legend of “Butterfly Lovers”, the pieces were set with butterfly print to represent the origin of the idea. Models were also paired with Butterfly sunglasses and head pieces, being sure to represent the Legend in all forms.

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