Parkchoonmoo Spring 2013 Collection

Photo by Vincent Wei

For Spring 2013 Demi Park is revisiting the essence of traditional Korean fashion, borrowing its national colors, blue and red, as well as a palette of whites and creams.

The collection is reinventing this traditional uniformity, modernizing it by creating interesting relief-like volumes and silhouettes that look timeless and emanate a sense of freedom, and peacefulness.

The de-and re- composition is exemplified in the use of the clothes as building elements to create ultra modern and light silhouettes. For example: a half leather vest that is worn over a blouse, suspenders that are used in multiple ways create new shapes and accentuate a certain idea of constructivism, their halves are not forming a whole, but rather underlining something unfinished and elusive, almost like a gesture, an insinuation.

The choice of fabrics reflects this lightness of being: cottons come in treated as well as in extremely lightweight versions, leathers are perforated to underline the airiness and openness of the collection.

One could say that Parkchoonmoo Spring 2013 takes the masculinity of the Korean uniform, and through its deconstruction transcends it to give it a very feminine presence.

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