Nolcha Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015

Article by Jasmin Justo

At New York City’s Fashion Week, an array of dazzling and stunning designs debuted amongst the press, retailers, stylists and industry influencers. The Nolcha Fashion Week is an leading, award wining event where independent fashion designers can showcase their unique collections to a global audience.

Yvette Hass

The Yvette Hass Winter/Fall Collection had a black and white theme featuring tight black leather and softer white fabric in a variety of different outfits. From a crop top leather jacket with a tight pencil skirt and knee high boots to a black turtle ruffled feather pants with thick heeled boots, this year’s collection is full of sleek edginess and ruffled feathers look. For a more sophisticated look there was also a few outfits such as the black draped blazer, a simple black top, with a cube design for the shimmering mini skirt and black pumps. For the white outfits, there was a white fluffy sleeved turtle neck with white leggings with a shimmering feather like design and pumps, giving the aura of striking beauty and boldness. There was also a white silky dress that hugs the feminine curves with a puffy feathery sleeves. At the end of the runway shows, the designer herself was dressed in a long sleeve leather mid cropped shirt with a black leather mini skirt. For those who love edgy outfits full of flair, the Yvette collection has an assortment of outfits with a sleek edge and sophistication.

The Haute Athletics collection draws inspiration from the 90‘s hip hop look with a sporty look. For the females most of the outfits feature a sports bra with a paint splattered blue, white, black designed jacket with a simple grey/black leggings or a colorful ink splattered leggings with a simple black top. Some outfits like the loose black top with tight leggings and the simple black t-shirt with grey shorts for men, add more of a casual look for the sporty individual. At the end of the runway, the designer with her two children are dressed in colorful sporty clothing, which shows how she’s able to make the athletic look casual and attractive.

Charles & Ron

The Charles & Ron collection adds a vintage designs with a bold modernistic look. For instance, there is a large long sleeve black ballgown dress with a the turtleneck decorated with golden flower leaves and flowers. The texture of the fabric makes it soft and elegant with a open back. There is also a black one piece outfit with large soft pink and grey flowers intricately designed with yarn. Apart from the elegant long dresses, there was also a mini dress with a high neck turtle neck and baggy long sleeves. The bottom is decorated with beautiful violets and the silky top shimmers with a picture of the previous model in a ballgown. The collection overall uses soft fabrics and detailed designs with a soft color palette along with a few bold ones making it very refined and exquisite.

Mitsuo Ly

The Mitsuo Ly collection gives a twist of colorful flair to the traditional outfits. For instance, the forest green mini dress with slanted bold trimmings that encircles the lady’s curves with a slit at the waist and split near the bottom of the dress, gives an edgy look to the traditional mini dress with collar. There was a simple dress with a blush drop-waist pleated dress with a soft pink color palette, it makes the perfect spring time outfit that captures the wind with its ruffles. A personal favorite was the ivory ballgown with copper sequin details. With an illusion styled top, the large ruffles, and the warm colors with the geometric top, it’s a graceful dress that mixes geometric design with curviness. At the end of the runway show, the designer herself appeared in a simple but playful white dress with high heels, reflecting how she’s able to design classy modern outfits.

Katty Xiomara

The Katty Xiomara Fall/Winter 2015 collection had a crisp clean look with exquisite details. The majority of the outfits has a geometric abstract embroidery such as the classic blue collar shirt with a mini skirt. Instead of the usual dark blue collar shirt school girl look, Xiomara incorporated abstract pink and blue designs to the front of the shirt, the collar had a minimalist design and the mini skirt has white flower cutouts. All together, it adds a colorful modern look to the classy outfit. Similarly, a one piece vintage outfit was featured with abstract designs with a soft pink and blue color palette with the minimalist design on the collar and diamond design on the sleeves. Her collection overall is exclusive with a soft color palette suitable for looking your best at everyday occasions.


The Prieston Winter/Fall 2015 created by designer Noemi Nagy, had an exquisite theme based on the blue and green hues and feathers. She takes ordinary sweaters and dresses and beautifies them with beads, feathers, and sleek modern lines. For instance, she takes the typical mini skirt and jacket and adds sparkling dark blue and black beads on the shoulder pads of the jacket that extends across the front of the chest. From there she uses the illusion design creating two slits across the the front of the chest. The black juxtaposes the flowing white skirt with beautifully painted blue birds flying around the skirt. Adding flats with a ribbon fasten, the outfit is flowing and mesmerizing. Another fascinating outfit was the white dress with the parting bird wings flying towards the opposite direction, as if they were opening the bottom of the dress as curtains, revealing a small slit to see the skirt beneath it. The top of the dress is outline with bold black trims, dividing the top into six abstract shapes with small blue birds flying in the white. Combined with a gold necklace with a thick chain with a bird head, it captures the beauty of the sky. There is also a dark blue feather textured shawl combined with white skinny jeans with painted blue birds flying. It’s V neck opening with the illusion slit near the bottom trim and the open back of the shawl, capturing the feeling of openness, which is a major theme in her collection. Noemi Nagy appears at the end of the runway, wearing a flowing white skirt and floral vanilla top, capturing the essence of modern style.

Ann Himsel

The Ann Himsel Winter/Fall 2015 collection was about the detail of the texture and fabrics in the various shades of black. Drawing inspiration from the rock and roll era, she brings back the intense flair in new modern designs. From a velvet jacket with leather sleeves merged with a lustrous pair of leather skinny jeans and high heel wedges, a leather vest with a vertically striped red and blue collar shirt with a middle split mixed with a pair of black skinny jeans and army boots, to a car coat with silver buttons with a pair of black jeans and black army boots, the collection is full of intense energy and bold appeal.

Danny Nguyen Couture

The Danny Nguyen Couture Winter/Fall 2015 collection, last but not least was the most stunning of all.  His dresses captured the essence of eloquence with mesmerizing nature designs with splendid bright colors and accessories. Ranging from an antique Roman dress with a red fabric and black pleated skirt with an illusion design of black autumn leaves to a stunning white flower ball gown, his designs are inspired by a variety of different fashion eras. One of his dresses featured a purple cape flowing elegantly with sparkling bright blue flowers with silver vines, underneath the floral sheath was a soft periwinkle dress with a thin gold belt in the middle, gives the royal outfit a glamorous makeover. During the runway, the designer himself appeared escorting two of his models. Dressed in a 1920’s inspired style, wearing an evening tuxedo with various necklaces, he had sleeked back hair and a interesting handle bar moustache and chin puff beard. One model wore a flamboyant halter  dress designed in fiery shades of red with flower ribbons on the shoulder top and a flamboyant bottom littered in red leaves. The other model wore a shoulderless collar dress. The collar was decorated with black leaves, the top of the dress shimmered in gold and red with sparkling red leaves and the bottom had black ruffles with intricate golden scale designs.

The Nolcha Fashion Week was an entrancing event full of designers and models in the height of today’s fashion world, it’s the center of revolutionary artistry and the leading stage of today’s contemporary fashion.

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