Monika Chiang Debut at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NY

Designer Monika Chiang (centered)

Designer Monika Chiang took her initial inspiration for her Spring/Summer 2013 collection from a recent trip to South Africa.

“I was inspired by all the energy and beauty I experienced while traveling through the various regions. For this collection, I wanted to explore those references, from the vibrancy of Cape Town to the incredible colors and textures I encountered. There is a beautiful geometry present in everything from the textiles and native crafts to the rugged terrain.” The Collection plays on classic athletic styles, reconceived with dramatic proportions and in luxe fabrications.

Monika Chiang’s eponymously named collection debuted in the Fall of 2011. The impeccably curated collection includes apparel, handbags, shoes and jewelry with a distinctly Monika Chiang perspective. The launch was followed by the opening of stores in Los Angeles and New York City.

Designed as a reflection of Monika’s own signature style, the collection evokes modern glamour steeped in an elegant nonchalance. Seemingly disparate and contradictory sensibilities combine in the most unexpected ways – deep sensuality and confidence exist alongside a subtle vulnerability, the softness of feathers set against steely metal studs, bursts of rich pigment mingled with soft earth tones and tough black leather paired with sensual sheer knits. This finely wrought tension is at the heart of the MONIKA CHIANG brand.

Monika Chiang spent her youth traveling the world and living abroad with her globetrotting artist mother and two siblings. Her sense of style bloomed at a young age and is informed by her wanderlust and appreciation of exotic cultures, which influences her collection and allows her to push boundaries in chic new ways.

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