Malan Breton & Malan by Malan Breton Spring 2014

Article By Candace Lee
Photo by Niko

The lights dimmed, the stage hums to life with light, and stepping out from beneath the soft blue Malan logo was a man with a trumpet in his hands. He brings forth the instrument to his lips and utters the first mournful note in a melancholy trumpet solo to the tune of “Nature Boy.” He turns his back and leaves the stage as the lights diminished into darkness.

What follows can only be described as a manifestation of Breton’s stream of consciousness: the music resumes, resounding off the walls in a repetitive techno beat. The models march down the catwalk in sporting sleek, fitted blazers and straight-legged trousers, with the occasional pencil skirt and short dress, all made of sheer black and white cloth. The show then makes a dynamic turn into color as a model strides center stage with a striking orange patterned suit and white button-down shirt in maroon red shoes, reminiscent of the bright, warm colors used in Chinese culture.

Malan Breton with supermodel Irina Pantaeva

With the last male model sweeping confidently down the runway in a streamlined, black jacket and pants, the show seems to have concluded; however, the moment he disappears from the stage, a woman, belting out “I Will Survive,” enters stage left, and brings the audience to its feet when Breton’s final ensemble takes the stage. The supermodel Irina Pantaeva walks down the runway with what appears to be a white and gray cloak around her shoulders. As she gets closer to the end of the runway, she pulls it away, revealing a trailing dress train of a spectacular white fitted gown with a black lace trim bodice. As the crowd gasps and rose to capture the design on film, Irina Pantaeva glides down the runway and rejoins the rest of the models and performers. She links arms with Breton himself and walk the last stretch of the catwalk before the final reverberating note of “survive” is sung.

Below are some beautiful collections from Malan Breton Spring 2014 that are shown at Lincoln Center during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. We absolutely love all the designs that are filled with eastern elements of Chinese culture influence! Simply beautiful!!

Inspired by essentially two elements, the love and drama in the movie ‘In The Mood For Love’ and the days of Mick Jagger from the 60’s and 70’s. Malan Breton’s Spring 2014 collection is a very romantic and dark collection that features silks and assortment of fabrics with embroidered patterns.

The women’s collection consists of gowns, frocks and jackets. The men’s collection features tailored silhouette pieces, such as blazers and jackets.

The beauty of the collection is the glare and hue that accentuates from the fabrics of the collection. The sleek pastel combined with occasional bold colors screamed springtime is here!

Purple and pink stood out most in the Men’s Collection. Pink may be a bit taboo for some men, but any guy can rock these suits. It’s like time traveling; Malan Breton takes it back to the 1970’s. Very excited to see more of his shows to come!

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