Lee Jean Youn Fall 2014

Article Ka Yee Chan

Lee Jean Youn’s Fall 2014 was a collection of art and imagination. His fearless use of materials and styling of loudly contrasting pieces brought excitement and riskiness into the collection. Youn’s collection cannot be categorized under ready-to-wear instead it should be under the category of “wearable art.”

Before looking into the material or the actual pieces of the garments, the volume and irregular silhouettes captured the attention, such as the humongous wolf pelt scarf resting on the shoulder, and asymmetrical hems of a cape and skirts. There were many unexpected drape of garments. Many might wonder what type of woman is Youn designing for? Youn explained, “She’s living in culture yet longing for nature.” That explained the great use of nature and animal-inspired motifs in the collection. As well as the accessories, such as wolf pelt scarves, feathers, and insects on hats.

As an expert of hat and handbag making, almost all the looks were accessorized by a hat or a handbag, or both. Each of the accessories was a one of a kind piece; long draping lace veil down the floor, hats wrapping with see-through pieces in a bow, and fur and feathers hanging from the hats.

Youn kept the collection with a “dusty” vintage color scheme, so the color would not be standing out too much in the already very accessorized garments. The faded denim evening gown was an unexpected piece with the use of turning street wear denim into an evening gown silhouette along with golden rivets decorated in natural motif. Youn’s collection presented youthful attitudes and excitement.

It doesn’t matter whether Youn’s collection has good reviews or not. His brave, risk-taking heart and imagination has already earned the applause from the audience. Many were already excited about what Youn’s imagination is bringing us for the spring.

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