By Merry Wu

On Monday September 17, seven Latino designers featured their collections at Couture Fashion Week.

YIRKO is a Peruvian menswear designer however his current collection has both swimwear for women and men. The collection was inspired by men who cares about his image, the athlete, the guy who likes to be different from the others, in fresh light fabrics like cotton, in a colour palette that includes bright red, black and white, as well as some floral and checkered prints.

POSITANO presented a chic sexy womenswear and a classy cool look with her menswear while using bright bold colors.

Arcadio Diaz presented complementary outfits for men and women. Although simple in color and design, the outfits has a relax, clean and stylish look.

Ariel Cedeno brings a flare of Hispanic heritage and culture to his designs as he focused on bright colors with flamboyant silhouettes and shapes. Although ruffles are a main part of his collection, there is still a sexy feel to his designs.

Marisol Henriquez is a womenswear designer that focused on creating sexy and mature gowns that enhances a woman’s beauty.

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