Kristian Aadnevik Brings Nature and Beauty To London

Article by Katherine Oon and Photography by David Liew

Norwegian designer Kristian Aadnevik is back in London! His vision for spring is very tough. For those wild at heart and with a little edge, then come. Kristian Aadnevik is just what you’re looking for.

His Spring/ Summer 2013 collection at the magnificent Athenaeum Club library, was a stunner. Guests themselves made a glamorous crowd (certainly not the British press on the circuit).

White has been prominent at a number of shows, but the white color at Kristian Aadnevik featured contrasting textures from delicate chiffon to leather. There was load of sex appeal within the collection; the show started off with a one-piece bodice with nude trimming.  With the spotlight that followed the models as they walked down the runway, we could only think how a spotlight needed to be kept on Kristian Aadnevik.

“My Spring/ Summer 2013 collection inspires hope and strength in a woman to always strive towards the light and beauty.” Says Kristian. The collection was inspired by the colours and texture of a moth’s wings. With the humble moth serving as inspiration, Kristian explores the mysterious yet hauntingly beautiful creature. His collection encompasses the journey of this creature’s life.

It takes a confident designer to pick up one inspiration and run with it. Aadnevik’s signature style was out in full force, he displayed his collection focusing on his statement of sexy, glamorous, and opulent designs counterbalanced with an edgy modern rock goddess element. Accompanying this collection, the models’ faces were kept fresh with the smoky effect of the makeup with nude lip and unpolished quite grungy hair to reflect the look.

In typical Aadnevik style, the collection also consisted of delicate chiffon dresses with crystallized embellishments. The silhouette was simple, yet entirely and sexually effective; Juxtaposed against these feminine elements were leather details and stud in full force seen throughout the show. The diversity throughout the collection brings the beautiful metaphor of the moth and its reincarnation to life, says Kristian.

Interpretation of natural forms is well documented; an understated palette of nude and white to khaki and grey can be seen in the collection which brings the beauty of spring and summer. Leather was prominent throughout the collection. One example here was  a mini racer back buttery soft leather dress, with a sharp embellishment leather vest and casual  jackets perfect for Spring.  Toyed with fabrication, he focused on bringing together leather and lace, hugging the body in a seductive hourglass emphasized the power that the Aadnevik woman possesses.

Apart from his use of leathers and chiffons, Aadnevik has also created a unique, gentle print splashed across sheer cloths mini ruffle dress. Delicate pouring chiffons portrayed innocence and gave much softer lines with lightweight buoyancy dresses that drape ruthlessly to the floor, with ambitious cuts that graze the thighs that swing in their movement.  Harnesses worn over many of the ensembles, dress with waist cinching studded belt and stud details on hemlines and sleeves give a touch of edginess to the collection, sometimes so beautifully melded that it was hard to detect where one ended or to begin.

With another white number, a gorgeously strapless bodice with long chiffon ruffled trains is certainly a show-stopping number and definitely the perfect curtain closer.

Kristian Aadnevik´s world is made of contrasts. The collection saw Aadnevik combine his technical knowledge of a skilled couturier with the charm of a screenwriter. The Aadnevik woman is strong, yet ultra-feminine. His signature continues to make waves with his beautiful, luxe collections and that attribute is something Aadnevik is very good at doing. The designer’s Spring/ Summer collection have definitely left us breathless because it was so beautifully  presented that we didn’t doubt it for a moment. Aadnevik is someone to keep an eye on.


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