By Merry Wu

On Saturday September 13, Couture Fashion Week brought together 7 Indian Designers for the “Jewel of India” Fashion show which features Indian inspired clothing with its signature colorful fabrics, jewels, and beading.

Each designer brought their own flare of interpretation of their culture into the beauty of their outfits:

Parna Ghose presented her collection under her Pure Elegance Label that features looks that are contemporary mixed with traditional with bold fabrics.
Ghose believes that women express their individuality and self-confidence through fashion that is tasteful, contemporary and practical. The couture designs incorporate flawless craftsmanship and innovative styling of the outfits that bring out individuality and exuberance through unique, unforgettable pieces.

Sumbul Rizvi presented the latest collection under her flagship label “Sumbul’s Collection”.
Sumbul’s Collection usually focuses on the perfection and personality of women. These designs are characterized by innovative color combinations, use of fabric, patterns and embroidery in a glamorous blend of East and West with an eye towards comfort and durability.
For this season, Rizvi choose a bridal wear collection that brings a romantic and youthful look with her details in the outfits. Although some looks were similar to traditional attire Western weddings, some were mixed with the Indian style of jewels and glamorous beading.

Ritu Boorgu presented her latest collection under her “Charisma Collection”.
Boorgu draws inspiration from the rich heritage of India and the ancient traditions of Indian craftmanship. Her collection this season contains gowns that are rendered in vibrant color palettes, rich fabrics, intricate embellishments and detailed embroideries. The fabrics involved were brocades, silks, silk chiffons , georgettes and satins which gives a very soft feel but also a strong chic look with its bright colors.

Citra Gala presented her latest collection entitled “Sona” (Golden) under her flagship Citrolina label.

Sona was a fusion of high fashion, culture and modern looks. It also has a unique blend of beautiful Indian ethnicity and Italian construction techniques. The brand Citrolina specializes in evening wear characterized by a potpourri of colors and textures, while retaining the common theme of this Indo-Italian fashion bond. The classic fits, flowing drapes and dazzling embellishments bring the wearer into a different world.

Fashion designer and entrepreneur Juhi Jagiasi launched her inaugural collection for her WOW (Women of the World) label.

Juhi Jagiasi has long been inspired by the beauty, glamour and fashion of Bollywood films. She also hosted many fashion events and pageants including the Miss India International pageant.

Her designs offer mix-and-match versatility providing numerous options for the wearer, from simple outfits to exotic bridal creations.
For this current collection, she provided comfortable but glamorous gowns for women and matching sarees for males which not only contains cultural and traditional ideals but also are modern silhouettes.

Madhu Munyal is based in New York and presented her latest collection under her “Charms Couture” Label which is a modern glamorous chic version of the sarees.

By designing trendy, high-quality suits and sarees, she quickly gained a large following by styling her clients in one-of-a-kind pieces tailored to their unique, individual, and idiosyncratic tastes.

For her collection, she showed beautiful sarees that are not only young and bright but also bold and mature. Her hope is to make women feel beautiful everywhere.

Shekhar Rehate is based in Beverly Hills and presented his latest collection under his “Shekhar Rehate” Label.

Rahate’s 15+ years of design experience helps him in perfection through signature elements of exotic fabrics, luxurious and intricate detailing, ornate colors and the finest craftsmanship.

His collection this season was inspired by Egyptian motifs. His gown designs were flamboyant and extravagant. These gowns hold true to his ideal of designs that has culturally-inspired elegance and international grace.

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