JD.com Fall/Winter Fashion Show 2016

Article By Tatiana Ho

Representing the Online company, JD.com made it’s fashionable mark with their personal addition to New York Fashion Week. Showcasing five of their designers, the China Base company made sure to cover all designs with their Fall line. The designers hitting the stage were Soccer Star Tim Cahill, Alicia Lee, Gioia Pan, Ruiping Guo, and Chi Zang. JD used the opportunity to create more of a marketing presence in America, giving some of their top designers the chance to represent the brand with their own sense of style.

Hosted on February 17, 2016, the brand made its mark shining the light on their design at Pier 59 in Chelsea Piers, NYC. Represented by a diverse cast, the new line presented viewers with beautiful lace designs and top and bottom combinations that are perfect for a semi-casual evening.

Focused mainly on dark lace patterning are fairly light blue colors, the line presented the perfect business outfits for New York’s Fashionista’s to hit the office with. While most of the outfits presented were represented in a more Business-casual light, others made their mark in the high fashion world – such as the black and green flower patterned lace dress that was paired with the light pink fur shrug.

The line strayed away from the common footwear for models, allowing them to walk to runway in slipper like shoes. The base whit shoes sported fur toppings in different colors to match the perfectly handled outfits. While the models look comfortable with their sneaker like footwear, the top portion of their outfits didn’t stray from the high fashion profile the JD brand so seamlessly maintained.

Other lines were presented in for more of an outing, having the models wear beautifully pieced together dresses paired with white slacks underneath. The line even sported an all lace one piece, colored white and see through so that the models white draws were also visible. On the back of the jumpsuit was a long white train made of solid fabrics and presented with a ruffles affect.

Other outfits appeals to the MMA in everyone. Having models enter the stage with Everlast boxing gloves along with wrestling like uniforms. Each of the models, both male and female, catered to the MMA lifestyle, sporting outfits resembling boxing and casual gym wear to the runway. Each model was paired with a pair of sneakers or a black combat boot, tying together the gym-styled look perfectly.

Last of the designs was all back dresses paired with black or gold heels. Each of the pieces, although all a unanimous color, held a different design that could appeal to any buyer. While a few of the dress would be body-con, others would have a looser design, showing the clothing can be worn by any body type. Although the color might make the outfits look more serious than intended, each dress would be perfect for either a night out on the town or a business meeting.

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