J Song…Way: Songs For Nature – Fall/Winter 2012

By Alice Chin

Fall/Winter 2012 JSONG… Way’s Songs for Nature, Designer Way Zen, was inspired during a walk in a city park during a snowy day when she “was drunk by the snow and dreaming of snow angels”. The collection reflected her winter dreams in the feminine and lady-like pieces and beautiful embroidery that JSong is known for.

The opening outfit was a white cashmere coat with a dramatic collar and detachable arms that doubled as arm warmers. More coats followed, including an elegant camel cashmere kimono coat with stripes, and a slimming earth brown wool embroidered snow flake coat and embroidered abstract floral coat. I was a fan of the gray wool cardigan paired with an ivory camisole and the intricately embroidered diamond skirt in gray yarn. The rest of the collection continued to adhere to the theme of nature with plenty of winter blooms, flora, and petals in embroidered dresses and suits.

In the program notes, JSONG… Way encouraged guests to “take a moment to experience and to be gentle with the beauty of nature, and to share our planet with all beings because we are a part of all of it”. JSONG… Way also celebrated its 15th anniversary, and invited guests to participate in designing a special coat with each person’s favorite word. In the fickle fashion world, it was so pleasant to receive a gentle reminder that we’re here to enjoy fashion, but in a thoughtful and heartfelt way…with J Song.

Designer Way Zen with model


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