Francesca Liberatore Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Article by Kevin Young
Photo credit Emma Kazaryan

The fashion industry’s “enfant prodigy” demonstrates why she deserves this commendable title. It’s no surprise that the Italian designer, Francesca Liberatore a young 30 year old, garners this title and has showcased her spring 2015 collection during the 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Liberatore already an established fashion innovator proves that her name will be in the industry for years to come. Her spring 2015 line includes 32 looks for women and 10 for men. This is the first time Liberatore created menswear and she claims, she has never included that many skirts in her collections until this line.

Francesca Liberatore

For women, she festooned feminine business attire with the sereneness of spring to give her designs that elegant look that many women love. Birds are animals that are more prevalent during the spring season and Liberatore exemplified this by including birds on many of her majestic creations. Another ideal instilled in her collection was light-wear clothing for those sunny spring days. Her designs mixed many neutral colors together that proved to be the perfect balance of light and dark hues.

For men, she focused more on the business casual style with blazers over button down shirts. Again for this line she included lively birds as the staple of her collection. Her men’s looks are for those who love being simplistic and having a sense of style to match each season. This line isn’t too flashy yet too normalized either.

Liberatore vivaciously spoke about how she develops her sources of inspirations. “My sources of inspiration for this collection were birds and how they are changing. They are not eating fishes anymore but pieces of plastic. I want to draw awareness to this topic but for it to be subtle since this is a fashion. I don’t want it to be painful or hard for anyone. I just want to translate this topic through my drawings, print, and fabric,” said Liberatore. “I try to make all the things move together so the bird is taking a new life on the fabric. It’s a combination of different elements. Reflecting the front and the back of the pieces with the garments crossing different outfit shapes. For future collections, I’m looking for something that isn’t really related to fashion but something that is close to me for inspiration. Whether it be a piece of art or a movie.”

Liberatore has her own shop in Rome but hopes to one day break into the U.S. market. She already holds prestige all over Asia and Europe but desires to expand her audience reach. Liberatore wants people to feel delighted when viewing her intricate designs.

This “enfant prodigy” is proud to own this title and although young she holds herself as an industry expert, and Liberatore’s creations ensure her reputation.

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