Concept Korea Fashion Collectives S/S 2013

Concept Korea Designers with Fern Mallis

Concept Korea is a collaborative project to introduce Korean Culture to overseas through Fashion and S/S 2013 is its 6th season since S/S 2010. Concept Korea is organized by the Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea, the Daegu Metropolitan City, the Korea Creative Content Agency and Korea Research Institute of Fashion Industry.

Theme of this season is Five Korean Traditional Colors with five different meanings, Red (Fire), Black (Water), Blue (Tree), White (Iron), and Yellow (Ground). Each of five Concept Korea Designers will present with the colors.



Fashion does not dress the body but dress the soul. CHOIBOKO considers a social role of fashion with interests in human beings and nature in a philosophical point of view. The inspirations have always come from daily life such as people, society and nature. using tangible/intangible cultural traditions, Choi develops unique identity making them modern and globalized. His hidden message has expressed in a surrealistic way by transforming ordinary nature into glamour and modern.

Son Jung Wan


Son Jung Wan creates practical, compact and sleek silhouette, through minimalism that is adjusted to New York’s taste and sensibility. Complete romantic, retro and glam look by high quality of fabric which gives lightness and feminine mood with romantic color palette.



In the musical term, ‘crescendo e diminuendo’, ‘CRES’ means ‘getting gradually louder’, and ‘DIM’ reflectively means ‘getting gradually softer’. Thus, Hongbum Kim applied this theory into his fashion identity and philosophy. His fashion philosophy is “to make it look like the naturally flowing river by making a shape, cutting, and putting color on it”.

Lie Sang Bong

Lie Sang Bong

Invention and reinvention of fusing culture with art creating something new with architectural elements. The collection combines a unique volume, form, geometrical shapes of the human body, with an energized flair.



‘Fun-loving’ fashion designing and products: extraordinary fashion concepts and shapes and eventually strive to render fashion art products.

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