Bonkuk Koo Debut Spring 2013 Collection at Style360 Fashion Show

There were two main inspirations for the SS13 collection by Bonkuk Koo. one was he nine flavors of Stoli® Vodka and the other was his design constant – the beauty of sculptural shape. he ingrained each of the refined Stoli® flavors into the collection. by visually projecting the flavors onto a 2-dimensional surface, he translated their sculptural elements into beautiful patterns on the surface of clothes.

Recently, Bon’s unwavering passion for Haute Couture led him to channel his artistry and craft into creating sculptural art pieces made by pins. Pins are one of the materials he uses most often when making a dress. When he puts pins through a fabric, he holds his breath and carefully places a pin on a dress. The countless, meditative and repetitive process has led him to realize that there’s no medium like the pin that can represent who he is as an artist and express his raw emotion. All along, the discovery of such a unique form of art has been right under his nose.

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