Bibhu Mohapatra Spring 2013 Collection

By Michoel Jones

The Spring 2013 collection acknowledges the prophetic symbolism of the Luna Moth to celebrate the evolution and transformation of an very-intuitive Bibhu woman.

Backstage at Bibhu Mohapatra, the designer spoke to us about the inspiration for his latest collection. He explained that the creative process for him follows from a single core inspiration from which he can build his collection.

“When I was traveling middle america I saw something I had never experienced before, a luna moth. This became my muse and inspiration. The lifecycle of this moth is 7 days, and I wanted to capture that in my show. Namely, that the inspiration and creative process of my designs are always changing and always evolving”.

The metamorphosis from which his show was borne are captured in the silk silhouettes, burnouts and white on white prints. The study of evolution, in nature and in the creative process. His wide use of chartreuse as a color was drawn from nature and the luna moth. Bibhu himself mentioned it as also a very indian color, his heritage, as well common in other shows this season. The Hair of the models also drew from the same inspiration, with shades of firefly, these braids for the season, wrapped like a cocoon.

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