By Merry Wu

Filipino designer Barge Ramos was at Couture Fashion Week this past weekend with the premier of his “Island Treasures” Collection. This is his 8th time doing a show in NYC and he was very happy with the presentation of his show.

The collection was inspired by local hand-woven textiles of the Philippines. The natural textiles were used to make the bright yet simple designs that show comfort and elegance. Some textiles used were abe cordillera, abel paoay, and abaca bicol.

He hopes that his designs will make people appreciate more hand woven fabrics which are the soul identity of the Filipino people.

Next was famous fashion and costume designer Evgenia Luzhina-Salazar with her collection that was bridal couture. Her show was accompanied by Soprano Olga Orlovskaya who was also wearing a creation by Luzhina-Salazar.

For her spring/summer 2013 collection, she mainly used colors like white, gold and blue to invoke a sense of grand royalty pair with elaborate and unique designs. The luxurious details on the gowns also shone and add to the beauty of these bridal gowns.

Last was Joseph Domingo who pays attention to the importance of construction and aesthetics of symmetry in his designs. Although his designs were simple, they gave a classy and elegant air and look.

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