Ashley Isham Spring/Summer 2013

By Katherine Oon

Presenting his forthcoming Spring/Summer 2013 season at the grand Goldsmith Hall, Ashley Isham’s fashion show was decorated with plush red velvet curtains and excessive chandeliers mounted to the ceiling. Ashley Isham who was well renowned for his stunning red carpet dresses, has impressed us once again.

Ashley Isham’s magnificent show began with the perfect “It” girl accessory, which involved an adorable puppy on the catwalk. This collection showcased the delicately handcrafted skills of Ashley and his signature draping as well as his perfectly tailored dresses. An elegant and sophisticated touch of the display was seen throughout the show. Accompanied this collection, were models that held a simplistic look, pearls and chandelier earrings on every model and coiffured hair finished with bright red lipstick.


The collection for SS13 is inspired by Orphism, a term coined by the French poet that focused on pure abstraction and bright colours. Ashley was inspired by Sonia Delaunay, a French artist that co-founded the art movement; she is renowned for her use of geometric shapes and strong vibrant colours. This unique art has given inspiration to Ashley and has translated into his SS13 collection with the first few looks looking powerful in print and colours.

The collection is sophisticated; feminine and modern urban with clean and crisp silhouettes which lead the individual from day to night. It was an entirely contemporary take on a silhouette and a style that was so reminiscent of a certain era. Keeping to his signature, draping was the most distinctive theme for the show. Exquisite materials such as lace, chiffon, satin to liquid jersey with sequins, beaded embellishment and black jewelled were what made the collection so opulent. The dresses is this collection were breathtakingly beautiful with sheer, lace sequins back, flowing silky dresses skimming over the body creating gorgeous silhouettes on the models. The cut was simple but intricate enough to provide a twist and a striking effect to the collection.

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The collection also featured sharply tailored dresses with beautiful embellished bodice contained some elements of Ashley’s Asian heritage that made his work different from other designers. As well as floral summery prints, Ashley was showing off this season delicate gelato colours such as mint, cotton candy blue, vibrant colour of rose, juicy pink, orange and electric blue throughout the show.

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Ashley Isham Spring/Summer 2013 collection exuded sophisticated with an excellent display of feminine elegance. If elegance and ultra-feminine craftsmanship is your thing, then Ashley Isham is your man!

So last weekend, Ashley Isham graced London with his presence once again with his Spring/Summer 2013 collection at Goldsmith Hall. Not only did 247 Feature get to watch the show, we also went backstage at London Fashion Week 2013 to chat with Designer Ashley Isham about his latest collection.

One on One with Ashley Isham:

Singapore-born designer Ashley Isham has been showcasing his designs at London Fashion Week since his first collection debuted in November 2000 as an ‘off-schedule’ presentation during London Fashion Week. Soon gaining a reputation for exquisitely draped gowns and dresses, the brand was invited to show his collection ‘on schedule’ at London Fashion Week in 2003, where he has become a regular feature to this day.


Our reporter Katherine Oon & Designer Ashley Isham

Congratulations Ashley! That was a great show. How are you feeling?

Ashley Isham : Relieved. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Can you talk us through the inspiration behind this collection? And what inspired your pieces for SS13?

Ashley Isham : The collection is inspired by Orphism art movement and I’m inspired by Sonia Delaunay French artist who is a print designer that is renowned for her use of strong vibrant colours. Hence the first couple of looks are very graphic, bold colours with strong silhouettes. At the end of the collection is all about colours, shapes and draping.

It is such a stunning collection with the use of exquisite materials such as lace, satin, sequins and beautiful embellished bodice was seen throughout the show, somehow some of the looks reminded me of the elegance Malay Kebaya. Has your Asian heritage influence your design?

Ashley Isham : Now that you mention it, some of my Asian friends who have seen the collection have actually said that some of the looks have a very distinctive design. I guess coming back from Singapore (and it is always very inspiring whenever I am there) I subconsciously allowed my Asian heritage to influence my work. Although I lived in London for some time now, I am still instilling an important value to my life. The value I apply to myself is no matter where you are and how successful you become, always remember where you come from. I am from Singapore afterall, so I am naturally inspired by my roots and the Asian heritage I grew up knowing. After all, that’s where people relate to you most.

You are well-known for dressing Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga; and garnered much attention due to your designs being worn by Lady Zara Philips, Florence Welch at the 2010 Brit Awards and Christina Aguilera at the 2007 Grammy Awards. Is there anyone in particular that you would want to dress next?

Ashley Isham : There are so many celebrities that I would like to see my dresses on. At the moment though, there is one who recently has become a favourite of mine. That favourite celebrity is Anne Hathaway. I’ve always thought she looked so beautiful but when I saw one of the trailers for her upcoming film Les Misérables , I instantly she was amazing.

One final question. Ashley you are definitely the pride of Singapore because of having accomplished so much, being so established in London and in the process has done Singapore proud. How do you feel about it?

Ashley Isham : No matter what happens or where I go, my family is still in Singapore. My home is still in Singapore. It’s always wonderful to have family around you but at the same time, being in London has allowed me to be more creative. Although, as of now, the only thing I can think of now is Andrew Gn Collection, which is showcasing at the Paris’ Fashion Week and my own collection at the London Fashion Week. I also tend to remind myself that this is my 24th season. To be honest, it’s quite nice to be showcasing both our collections. Singapore may be a small island, but there still are some very talented people out there.

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