By Merry Wu

On Monday September 17, award winning designer Arthlene LeGair showed her collection entitled “Quel Si” which means “What if?” in French.

LeGair specializes in formal, couture and business attire for teenagers and adults.

This season’s collection had a mix of mature to young colors along with intricate fabrics and soft simple details that brings an elegant look to the designs. This was inspired by the encouragement she had from her children who believed in her creative work and pursue her to keep designing.

Meanwhile Pilar Macchione introduced her collection under her brand “Pilar Macchione”. Macchione approaches each new design as a work of moving sculpture. Her distinctive creations also appear on the runway as living art with their sharp figures.

The collection was inspired by a production she finished in Los Angles called “Patty” which had a unique concept about a particular women who is a star in American society and how society has taken apart women and made them into something they’re not. Therefore Macchione used bright pop colors like the production and exaggerated the chest and hips with sharp looks to represent how society wanted this “Patty” character to look a certain way.

Lastly, famous Romanian designer Catalin Botezatu returned for a second appearance at Couture Fashion Week with his latest collection inspired by the dark but erotic act of bondage and the world of BSDM.

He presented sexy and dark black lingerie that is very detailed in design and erotic in form. However these designs gives women a sense of power in their sensuality and femininity. Although this collection is dark, it is also very much admired.

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