Verizon Wireless Appoints Jessica Shih to be Executive Director of Corporate Character & Multicultural Communications

Jessica Shih

By Alison Ng

On March 18, IW Group held a community reception for Ms. Jessica Shih of Verizon Wireless, in honor of her acceptance as Executive Director, Corporate Character & Multicultural Communications. While the new position brings Ms. Shih to New Jersey, her role puts one more woman of color in a leadership position in the field of marketing and advertising.

Bill Imada, Chairman and Chief Collaboration Officer of IW Group

Bill Imada, Chairman and Chief Collaboration Officer of IW Group, introduced Ms. Shih and spoke a little about her accomplishments. He also touched on the fact that there are very few Asian Americans in management positions, especially at well-known companies. And more recently, the few Asian Americans in high corporate positions – such as Blue Cross and Bank of America, have lost their jobs to make way for ‘younger’ visionaries.

“I’m very excited that we at least have [Ms. Shih] in Verizon,” Mr. Imada stated, informing the audience that the Asian-American community was going to be her safety net in her new journey.

Ms. Shih, who recently stepped into her role at Verizon, was formerly a manager at Proctor & Gamble. There, she found that the environment rather diverse. At Verizon in communications, she is the only Asian at her level. Still, Ms. Shih stayed positive.

“Together, we can really make a difference,” she ended, looking towards the future.

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