Press Conference to Welcome Sandra Ng, Felix Chong & Alan Mak

Article By Joy Chiang Ling
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As Paul Cheung, the acting director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, put it, “Film festivals have formed the core of our promotional activities because movies are a powerful platform to foster cross-cultural understanding and interest.” Hong Kong films in particular have gained worldwide popularity with the help of talented actors, writers and filmmakers. The Hong Kong government has been supporting its film industry by injecting over $39,000,000 into the Film Development Fund. Thanks to this support, Hong Kong films have achieved both a global audience and remarkable results.

Felix Chong, Sandra Ng, Alan Mak, Paul Cheung

In recognition of Hong Kong’s success, the New York Asian Film Festival decided to feature a myriad of its films. Some notable films include famous actress Sandra Ng, who is known for taking on diverse roles and being the “Queen of Comedy.” Her movie, Golden Chicken 3, was presented at the festival. Also in attendance are film writers and directors Felix Chong and Alan Mak, who created the critically acclaimed Infernal Affairs, and directed Overheard 3, which was featured in the festival alongside Golden Chicken 3.

The press conference included a Q&A between the Hong Kong film stars and the press.

Question: “As the producer and star of Golden Chickensss, how were you able to recruit so many well-known actors in your movie?”

Sandra: “I have known all of these actors for at least 20 years. We were friends since we were young. All I had to do was call them and ask them to star in my movie. They are very good to me, and very nice.”

Question: “How were you able to put on the giant breasts in Golden Chickens? How does one make these breasts?”

Sandra: “A professional makeup artist from Thailand helped me put on the breasts. The director, who is also my husband, had to watch over me while he put on the breasts. The breasts are made from a mold.”

Question: “Did you research prostitution in order to better fit your role as a prostitute?”

Sandra: “The actress doesn’t have to research, the directors and writers do.”

Question: “Is there a possibility that Overheard 3 will have a western adaptation like Infernal Affairs? Do you have any plans for a next project?”

Felix & Alan: “We are not sure if there will be a western adaptation for Overheard 3. Our next film project is a secret.”

Question: “For most Americans who are not initiated with the Golden Chickens 3 series, on the onset we are going to compare it to Pretty Women. What differentiates Golden Chicken from Pretty Women?”

Sandra: “Golden Chickens is a love story. It is about friendship, background and the history of Hong Kong. It is a totally different story from Pretty Women.”

Question: “Hong Kong humor is very distinctive and unique. Those who are not familiar with Hong Kong culture find it hard to understand. Do you think that over the years, the western world will understand Hong Kong humor?”

Felix & Alan: “It is difficult to understand this question because we are still working on it. One of my friends from India told me to introduce him to a Hong Kong movie. I introduced him to a Hollywood movie. My friend said, ‘Why would I want to watch a Hollywood movie? I want to watch a local movie.’ For a moviemaker, you can only make a movie about your own culture, your own home and your own beliefs. It is difficult to make a movie for an international audience.”
“If you cannot understand the humor, we will try better and harder next time.”

Sandra: “I believe that people all over the world do understand the humor, especially Chinese communities. When you talk about local vs global market, you have to understand the context and understand your own background in order to act well. The film has to be closely tied to the culture of its setting.”

Question: “What is the meaning of the title Golden Chicken?”

Sandra: “Chicken is Hong Kong slang for prostitute. Gold is ‘Kam’ in Cantonese, which is the name of the main character.”

Question: “What are your expectations for American viewers here?”

Sandra: “I want this film to be happy and entertaining. I want my American viewers to be happy after watching it.”

Alan: “I don’t have any expectations. I am quite happy.”

Felix: “I have no idea. I have never seriously considered the American market because we do not make kung-fu movies. In Overheard 3, I hope that audiences get to see the Hong Kong city and countryside, but we do not plan on marketing to an American audience.”

Question: “Do you have any comments on the New York Asian Film Festival? And why did you choose Overheard 3 and Golden Chicken?”

Goran Topalovic (Executive Director of NYAFF): “NYAFF started as a grassroots movement back in 2002. We had a group of movie fans who spent time in Chinatown and watched films from Hong Kong. We chose Golden Chicken because we always admired Sandra and her work. She is one of the most representative and versatile actresses in Hong Kong. We chose Felix and Alan’s Overheard 3 because the directors are some of the most well-known Hong Kong because of their most famous movie, Infernal Affairs. In fact, the first time we screened Infernal Affairs, the theater was packed because so many people wanted to watch it. After that, we decided we wanted to bring the directors here. They have made their mark over the past ten, twenty years. We are trying to introduce a younger generation to these Hong Kong films.”

Question: “Do you have any plans to go to Hollywood? Also, I’ve noticed Zhou Xun in your poster. Do you have any actors or actresses that you have in mind to star in a Hollywood film?”

Felix & Alan: “We have never considered Hollywood. Zhou Xun has been a very good actress, we love her. We hope to make more movies with her. In terms of collaborations, we do not consider many things, but if an actor/actress is good we will cast them.”

Felix Chong, Sandra Ng, Alan Mak, Goran Topalovic


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