Lie Sang Bong Spring/Summer 16 Collection: “Bojagi”

Article by Linda Nguyen
Photo by Xue Liang

AsianInNY had the honor to interview Lie Sang Bong backstage before his New York Fashion Week show.

Could you tell us about your inspiration for this collection?

Lie Sang Bong: “This Spring Summer collection was inspired by Bojagi and it almost looks like a mosaic or stained glass. So I recreated the patterns by cutting angles and patching all different fabrics. And it’s about the lightness, ease and fashion of Spring Summer.”

Could you tell us about your collaboration with Artist Dong-Shik Roe?

Lie Sang Bong: “While I was searching for my inspiration, the airy-lightness was stuck in my mind. I knew about his work (and it) just came to my mind that this would be perfect. (The) dandelions symbolizing a perfect Spring day, the lightness and all the work is made out of cotton and really works with our collection. (The collection) having a lot of natural fabrics such as cotton and silk. It was beautifully done and hope everyone enjoys (it.)”

How is the perception of your store in New York?

Lie Sang Bong: “I feel great in the meatpacking (district) where we’re located at 30 Gansevoort Street. It’s actually one of my favorite spots in the city and that’s why we decided to open the store there. I get a lot of interest from people and feel so thankful to being a new designer to them. They don’t know but them loving the collection and liking the store is really meaningful.”

Any plans on expanding?

Lie Sang Bong: “Not yet…”

When you think of Spring and Summer, what are the first words that come to mind?

Lie Sang Bong: “Dandelions.”

How would you describe a perfect Spring/Summer Day in New York?

Lie Sang Bong: “The weather in New York is beautiful in (the) Spring, it has perfect (lighting). The day having lots of sunlight in the Spring is amazing.”

Thank you to Lie Sang Bong and his team for this interview.

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