Introducing the fun, life-loving Emergency Tiara!

By Ka Yee Chan

Emergency Tiara is a singer-songwriter from Japan. As a young girl, she had never properly learned music. However, she loves singing karaoke with her family. She graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

She also did background singing for many different bands and singers. She enjoyed doing so, because she was able to experience different genres of music. After she moved to the states, she decided to push herself harder, and so she officially began her singing career.

Emergency Tiara is now based in New York and focusing on pop-music. She wrote all her songs. She had been writing with her best friend who is a London based writer through Skype. Emergency Tiara doesn’t view singing, or being a singer, as a career. This is her way of fulfilling her daily life.

Other than singing, Emergency Tiara is also big on fashion. She loves clothing especially those that can emphasize her Asianness. She is as well very photogenic. She has many charming and fashionable photographs. If you haven’t seen them, please them out at,

It is such an honor to meet with Emergency Tiara. In this chilly yet to come summer, Emergency Tiara’s passion for life will be able to warm up the atmosphere.

To know more about her please continue reading this article!

Q: What is your favorite from your originals?

A: It is a difficult question. All the songs are my babies. Depending on the mood of the day, some are more enjoyable than others.

Q: Do you have any message you want to deliver through your songs?

A: I am not a messenger; I am not trying to change the world. But I like to deliver happy energy. The world is beautiful, but could be cruel. There are already many heartbreaking songs. That’s why I want to create more happy songs that can bring happiness to others.

Q: Are all your songs in English? Are you thinking to go back to Japan?

A: Yes, all my songs are in English. I actually used to write a lot in Japanese. When I used to live in Japan, I had a band that performed the originals in Japanese. I would love to perform in Japan as well. I had been working on translating my English songs into Japanese. Currently my mind-set is more in English, it’s somehow easier for me to say what I want to say in English. I like English and how it flows. As for now, I would like to stay in New York.

Q: Do you have a favorite part of New York?

A: So many. I like everything except the dirtiness. I love the mixed cultures in New York. And of course, the fashion in New York is amazing. Also there are a bit of green and natures if you just go 30 min upstate.

Q: Can you tell us why you have the stage name of “Emergency Tiara?”

A: I was hanging out with my friend at her house. She just happened to have a tiara in her house and one of my friends said, “Hey, I found your emergency tiara.” I guess, my friends are always treating me like a little princess. At that point, I was looking for my artist name and was thinking this is perfect, which matches what I want to do in music and fashion. I guess I have a message. I want to tell women, especially Asian women, that everybody should be confident in being Asian and believing in their own beauty. Sometimes, they can wear tiara and act like, dress like, look like a princess.

Q: What are some of your habits?

A: I have many habits. I read a lot in Japanese. That is a little break for me from English. I loved exercising. I currently do Pilates. I used to be a horseback rider, and I am planning to practice it again soon.

She is currently putting her next music video together and working on her next single. So, please stay tuned with her and more will come after this May. If you want to know more about Emergency Tiara, please visit:

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