Interview with Meehee – Handmade Unique Jewelry

By Alice Chin

I met up recently with the Sungu Kim, one of the owners of Meehee NY, an intimate jewelry boutique on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Sun and his wife Meehee worked in different fields before they decided to follow their passion for creating beautiful handcrafted jewelry.  They collaborate with their customers to craft one of a kind pieces that their clients treasure.  Imagine getting a piece where you actually work with the artisan!   Read on to find out about Meehee and their thoughts on fall trends.

How did you get started?
My wife, Meehee actually studied German Literature.  But her passion was in fashion.  She worked at her sister’s graphic design company while she was making handmade jewelry and sold some of her designs to a couple of boutiques around the SoHo area in NYC.  She sold in trade shows and did very well.  We went to holiday markets at Bryant Park and became very popular. I was also working in another field. I studied computer programming and worked at a computer database company.   After starting Meehee NY Inc., I completed comprehensive jewelry making at Studio Jeweler inc.   Her style is a great style for city people – not too overwhelming.  They are simple, everyday pieces.  Very wearable pieces.  Understated and elegant with lot of delicate feminine touches.

How do you come up with ideas?  
I have metal and stones at my workshop.   I may pass by it many times and the materials don’t talk to me.  But sometimes the idea just comes.   Maybe when I’m drinking coffee, the idea just pops up.  The metal will talk to me and I could work on something for 6 hours straight.

What’s your specialty?
We allow our customers to give input.  Sometimes a customer may see a piece they like, but they want something a little different. Everybody loves different colors. For example, some customers come in looking for wedding rings that are not too commercial, not too fancy.  They work with us to design it, so it has meaning to them and they love it.  It’s like getting an heirloom. It becomes a more personal piece.

What are your most popular pieces? 
Something you can wear everyday piece.  Right now, people do not like to have chunky pieces.  Red and Black pieces always sell well.  People prefer more simple pieces.  Diamonds sell very well. Cocktail rings with gemstones like ruby, citron, and blue aquamarine are also popular.

What pieces are popular for the fall? 
Red pieces are always good for fall and the holiday.  Gold.  Some black for the winter.

Where are your products manufactured and where do you source materials?
90% of my products are hand made in our New York workshop.  Materials are from Brazil, India, and China.

What’s your price range?
The price range is from $35 for smaller pieces to $600 for a real gold or diamond piece.  We could spend more, but right now the cost of metal is too high.  We’re creating pieces now using unique combinations – I even put diamonds with silver pieces.  I don’t use too much gold now because of the cost.

What’s something that you do for your community that you are proud of?
We really like talking and getting to know our customers.  We have customers that come in and they don’t always buy, but we enjoy developing these relationships. Recently Meehee donated a piece for the local school to auction off.
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